Sheikh Al-Maghamsi: Taking care of historic mosques is religious, sect and a revival of our glorious history

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Sheikh Al-Maghamsi: Taking care of historic mosques is religion, sect and a revival of our glorious history
Sheikh Saleh Maghamsi imam and preacher of the mosque of Quba stressed that taking care of historical mosques is religious and worship, and at the same time a revival of our glorious history a religious revival, and cannot say that the revival is unorthodox, noting that Muslims are sentimental and want the taking care of historical mosques to rejoice of our history.

He pointed during his participation in the workshop, “taking care of historical mosques" within the Third Built Heritage Forum in Medina with the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman, President of SCTA, that the kingdom is replete with many historic mosques. No one could say that any mosque is better than the Holy mosques, but historic mosques are important in the history of Muslims and the history of the state.

He said: "Allah Almighty says, (Allah guides to His Light whom He wills), when he stated that the guidance in His hand, said to us the branches of guidance (In (houses) mosques which Allah has ordered to be raised, in them His Name is glorified). That is the greatest proof to the presence of the guidance in the houses of God, and God said it (in the houses of God) this is a material architecture and said (in them His Name is glorified), and this morale aspiration, if Muslims gather to raise houses of God, materially and morally, they would achieve the divine cause.

He indicated that mosques can be divided into three sections, the mosques that are mentioned in the Holy Quran and Hadith and the virtue of praying in them, this is limited to four mosques, the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and a well-known mosque which is Quba mosque, and other mosques. The third section, are all Muslim mosques. These are the houses of God that are venerated and respected, and the historical mosques such as (Umayyad Mosque) in Damascus, built in the era of Walid bin Abdul Malik, and the Great Mosque of Kairouan in Tunisia, and others.

He stressed that these mosques are the houses of God, and are connected with the Muslims, and their history.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia, when reunited by the late King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman, on religion and united hearts. People can’t be united except by a religion from God.

He added: "The Kingdom has many mosques, and nobody can say that one of these mosques is superior to others, but these historic mosques unify Muslims above all by emotions, and we want to rejoice with our history.