SCTH President's Speeches

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SCTH President at G20 Tourism Ministers Meet .
​President's Speech at the Green Arabia Conference in London, UK  ​ .
President’s Speech at the Opening of the 7th STTIM 2014 .
President's Address at Saudi Competitiveness Forum 2014

20th January, 2014

  President's Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Private Museum Forum
 In Al Madina

  18th May, 2013

President's Speech at 19th Session of UNWTO General Assembly held in Gyeongju,  ​ Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
 8th October 2011

 President's Speech at the Opening Ceremony of Saudi Travel and Tourism  Investmen Market  (STTIM) 2013

31st March 2013 


​President's Interview in the Kingdom this Morning Show- by: Tal’at Hafiz
Saudi Arabian TV

  27th June, 2011​


President's  Speech at the SCTA Annual Meeting of 1433

 11th December 2011


President's Speech at Safety and Security of Tourism and Antiquities Forum

Naif Arab University for Security Sciences

September 17, 2012

President's Speech at the Press Conference for Launching of
Retrieving Antiquities Campaign

December 19, 2011​

President's Press Conference During the Launch of Information Camaipgn to Promote Kingdom's Cultural Dimensions - Masmak, Riyadh

December 5, 2011​


 ​President's Speech in the Meeting of the National Heritage Committee

Historical Center – Riyadh

October 10, 2011

President’ s Speech at Souk Okaz 2011

September 20, 2011​


President’ s Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 5th Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market - STTIM 2012     

April 2, 2012

President’s Speech at King Abdul Aziz University
On the Sidelines of the National Heritage Forum in Jeddah

14th November 2011

President's Speech at the Launch of "Herfat Watan" National Campaign

March 3, 2012

President's Speech at the Saudi Society for Archeological Studies Forum

Wednesday 5, January, 2011
 President's Speech at The British Museum (Horse Museum   
 25th May, 20122

President's Inaugural Address at the Opening Ceremony of 

   Saudi Archaeological Master Pieces Expo  

At  the Pergamon Museum in Germany 

January 25, 2012

President's Press Conference at the Fourth T-20 Ministers of Tourism Meeting in

 Merida, Mexico  

May 16, 2012 



President's Speech at the Opening Ceremony of the International Symposium on "Relations of Arabian Peninsula with the Byzantine and Greek worlds" Riyadh 

6th Dec, 2010 ​





President's Speech at the International Conference on Aviation and Space Technology

2nd October 2010





President's Interview with CNN at the Saudi Archeological Masterpieces Expo

At Louvre, in Paris

4th Aug 2010




President's Speech​ at the Saudi Arabia's Heritage Dimension, Oxford Center of Islamic Studies 

1st of June, 2010




Closing Statement of the Urban Heritage Conference: 

Concerns on the risks of threats to the Islamic urban heritage in Jerusalem

26th May 2010





President's Inaugural ​Speech at the 

First International Conference for Urban Heritage in Islamic Countries 

23rd May 2010





President's Speech at the Abdul Maqsood Khoja’s Weekly Intellectual ‘Saloon’ (Ethniniat)  in Jeddah

Monday, 21st December, 2009 




President's Keynote address at the Global Space Technology Forum 

in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. 

7th December, 2009​ 





President's Address at the Administrative Development Building on 

Local Capabilities  

1st November 2009





President's Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of the 

First Batch of Travel and Tourism Trainees

Sunday April 4, 2008





President's Press Statement after a visit to the Taima Antiquities

Update on 3/26/2011



President's Speech as he Sponsors the Tourism and Gulf Society Conference

Update on 3/26/2011 




President's PowerPoint Presentation

A Vision for Tourism Investment in Saudi Arabia

2nd May 2009 




President's Speech at the inaugural ceremony of the Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market (STTIM 2009) held in Riyadh

April 12 2009 


 ​President's Speech at the Launch of "Herfat Watan" National Campaign 

3rd May 2012