National Museum in Riyadh to host eight exhibitions on Kingdom's antiquities in November

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National Museum in Riyadh to host eight exhibitions on Kingdom's antiquities in November
The iconic National Museum in Riyadh is gearing up to host eight important exhibitions specializing in the antiquities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be inaugurated in the month of November this year for 50 days. 
These exhibitions are held within the events of "First National Antiquities Forum" in the Kingdom from 7-9 November 2017, in Riyadh, organized by SCTH under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah protect him) . 
These exhibitions will be highlighting the national heritage of the Kingdom in  its various kinds and forms.  These include, the exhibitions on the "Masterpieces of the Kingdom", "Historical Photos Exhibition”, “Saudi Pioneering Archeologists”, “Specialized Antiquities books Fair”, “Recovered Antiquities Exhibition”, “Archeological Discoveries Exhibition”, “Exhibition of Attention Kings of the Kingdom on the National Heritage in collaboration with King Abdul Aziz Dara", in addition to a photo gallery on the renovation project of Al Hijaz railway station in Madina in collaboration with Al Madina Charitable Heritage Foundation, Al Turath. 
The forum will include a scientific conference, in which a number of working papers will present covering various historical periods including, from the pre-history to the end of the fourteenth century of Hijiri era. The topics will range from, the prehistoric antiquities, rock arts, Hajj and trade routes, Pre-Islamic Antiquities of the Arabian Peninsula, Islamic eras Antiquities, Architecture and Arts, Sunken relics, Ancient Islamic writings, Verbal heritage sites, in addition to a workshop to discuss a number of specific issues, like the role of media and citizens in raising awareness on the importance of antiquities, preservation of monuments, Antiquities regulations and legislations, rehabilitation and development, scientific research, international experience, as well as alleged archaeological and treasure fraud and identity, and the national heritage and antiquities and its future. 
The "First National Antiquities Forum" will be held under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Program for Caring of Cultural Heritage  of the Kingdom in collaboration with King Abdul Aziz Dara, and the ministries of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Culture and Information, and Education, in addition to a number of  relevant public departments. 
The forum, the scientific and executive committees of which have already been formed, aims to shed light on the efforts exerted by the government leaderships in various public administrations as well as individuals toward the care of Kingdom's antiquities through public awareness and promoting national affiliation among citizens, educating young people about the importance of Kingdom's important monuments and cultural heritage, in addition to highlighting the Kingdom’s cultural, heritage and civilization. Importance on regionally and international levels.